Can we truly call ourselves prolife?

Yesterday, someone made a comment that angered me to a point that I rarely feel such anger. My boyfriend was quite surprised by how upset I had become saying he had never seen me so upset. 

We were about to watch Wonder Woman (amazing movie. If you haven’t yet seen it – do!) when I came across this comment. And I was still fuming a half hour into the movie over it. 

What was the comment?

It came from a conservative Christian in regards to the Michelle Carter case, in which the woman in question bullied her boyfriend into taking his own life. The discussion was about whether or not she should have been found guilty and how that applied to the prolife debate. 

His response?

I’m paraphrasing:

“I believe that her guilty verdict sets a dangerous precedent for Christians. What she did wasn’t right, but suppose I were to tell an LGBT teen that their lifestyle isn’t ok and then they went and killed themselves because of it. I shouldn’t be held accountable for their decision. ”

Take a minute to think about what is being said here. 

This girl bullied her own boyfriend into committing suicide. He changed his mind at the last minute and she berated him until he followed through on his plans. She is directly responsible for his death. 

What this man is actually saying is that he wants free license to say whatever he wants to someone whose life he disagrees with, even if it means driving that person to the brink of suicide. 

The fact that this comment took place in the context of CHRISTIANS discussing prolife ethics is beyond disgusting. 

If you do not care about the lives around you – which includes those whose faith/gender/sexual identity you may disagree with – you are not prolife at all. You may be probirth, but you cannot call yourself prolife unless every human life is important to you. 

Can we take a look at Christ’s most damning speeches within scripture? Go read through Matthew 23. Who was he speaking to when he said, 

“you hypocrites! You give a tenth of your spices—mint, dill and cumin. But you have neglected the more important matters of the law—justice, mercy and faithfulness. You should have practiced the latter, without neglecting the former. 24 You blind guides! You strain out a gnat but swallow a camel.”
It wasn’t those outside the camp of righteousness that he condemned. It was the teachers. The religious leaders. Those who stood in condemnation over sinners and the alienated of society. 

Christ befriended those deemed unacceptable and unrighteous by the religious. 

Christ did not bully them. 

Christ did not verbally or emotionally abuse them. 

Christ did not tell them “you’re going to hell unless you change ______ about yourself. ”

Christ showed he was prolife by actively investing in lives and standing against those who were hurting them. 

And somehow the church has, in so many instances, failed to grasp this point. 

Instead of investing in LGBT lives, we feel compelled to tell them how they fall short and can never receive Gods love *because* they are LGBT. 

Instead of believing abuse victims, we believe their abusers and shame their victims into submission. 

Instead of investing in the lives of the poor and hungry, we condemn them for not working hard enough or for receiving social assistance to get by. 

Instead of welcoming immigrants into our country in need of refuge, we teach our kids to fear foreigners. 

Instead of providing education and access to birth control and helpful resources, we attempt to force parents to have babies they don’t want or can’t afford, repeating cycles of abuse and poverty. 

Instead of helping single mothers make ends meet, we shame them for choosing to have their children when they could have been aborted. 

All of this happens every. Single. Day. In the name of Jesus. 

I can think of no greater blasphemy than that.


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